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1-INF-465 Declarative Programming



Here you will find the course information sheet.


Introduction into declarative programming. Programs are definitions of recursive functions. Computational model is based on the reduction of terms. Data structures are coded into the domain of natural numbers. The languege of first-order arithmetic is used for specification of programs. The course has computer labs in the programming system CL.


Natural Numbers. Explicit definitions. Primitive recursion. Recursion with measure. Definitions of predicates. Tail recursion and iteration. Recursion on notation and binary arithmetic. Dyadic arithmetic and word problems. Pairing function and coding into natural numbers (arithmetization).

Data Structures. Lists. Basic operations over lists. Combinatorial functions over lists. Sorting of lists. Applications of lists. Arrays. Binary trees. Binary search trees. Braun trees and functional arrays. Heaps and priority queues. General trees. Symbolic expressions. Propositional logic and tautology checker. XHTML.





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