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CL Online

CL Online is disabled until February 2007.


We recommend accessing the CL demonstration from MS Windows using the latest release of Mozilla Firefox for Win32. You can also use Netscape version 7.01 or later, or Mozilla SeaMonkey, the descendant of the original Mozilla. For the best experience with this demo, you will also need to install mathematical fonts as described in the fonts page of the Mozilla MathML project. Quick links: Download TeX TrueType fonts, download Mathematica 4.1 fonts, uncompress (Mathematica 4.1 fonts are downloaded as a self-extracting executable, WinZip, WinRAR, PowerArchiver, or a similar tool is needed to extract the TeX fonts), and install them.

Note that CL does not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer (even with a MathML rendering plugin installed), nor with the Opera browser.

The simplest way to view the demo on GNU/Linux is to download this package (approx. 10.8 MB) containing a suitably set-up copy of Mozilla 1.2.1 for GNU/Linux and the mathematical fonts. Uncompress the archive by typing `tar xzf mmlmozilla-1.2.1.tar.gz' into your shell, then run `mmlmozilla/init', create a new profile `mmlmozilla/mozilla -CreateProfile CL', and start Mozilla with that profile by typing `mmlmozilla/mozilla -P CL http://www.ii.fmph.uniba.sk/cl/online'.

Detailed information on CL Online requirements.


CL Online is disabled until February 2007.


To report a problem or ask a question regarding this page or the CL demonstration itself, send an email to kluka@fmph.uniba.sk.

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